Philosophy of Education

I wrote the following paragraph as part of my Philosophy of Education:     

“Education is not limited to a classroom environment. It is available to us both formally and informally, and is in unlimited supply if we are willing to immerse ourselves in learning. It is also not limited to certain age groups, nor does it end at a certain point in our lives unless we choose to stop learning.”

I believe this. I learn new things every day, and am on a continuing journey of becoming the best person I can be- the best person God has created me to be by studying and learning. However, I found myself very disgruntled about having to continue learning in a formal education environment. I found myself in a place that I warn others not to go to, a place of thinking that I had arrived at come epiphany that exempted me from being taught. 

I have a choice, a cross-roads. I can keep complaining about having to take these classes- the commute to Knoxville and the homework, or I can accept the fact that (in this case) a PhD is really NOT enough (who knew?) and keep learning. 

I can keep learning new ideas and techniques to make my classroom a better environment for my students. I can keep learning how to build better relationships with them. I can keep learning that there are experts in education that do, in fact, know more than me (:)) and learn to glean from the knowledge they are willing to share. 

Sort of like going to church on Sunday. Am I closed off to what our Pastor is saying, or am I open to learning the new things that the Holy Spirit is trying to teach me through his sermon? Do I go home and do my “homework?” Or do I walk out the church doors and not open my Bible again until the next Sunday? 

In both cases, I have a choice to act on what I believe or be a hypocrite by stating one thing and doing another. Today, I am choosing to keep learning, to keep growing, and keep bettering myself so that I can better those around me. What choice will you make? 

Proverbs 1:7

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction”

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