During my short stint at Clemson University (Go Tigers!) I pledged a sorority. Zeta Tau Alpha was new to campus, and I was in the first pledge class. I met a lot of fabulous young women, and for the first time in my life felt like I was finally a part of the “in-crowd.” 

However, because of my poor choices, that was as short-lived as my time at Clemson. I was heartbroken because I had squandered away the opportunities placed before me, and there was absolutely no way for me to change that. Well, except to change me and I just wasn’t ready to let the Lord work the way He needed to in my life. 

As I reflect on all of this, there is still a distant ache about what I missed out on with those women in ZTA. But, the Lord has reminded me that I am a part of a bigger sorority of women now. Women who share secrets, share their lives, and proudly wear the letters of redemption through Christ. Women who have pledged their loyalty to Jesus and who are initiated by the common threads of salvation and grace. This is where I belong. This is where you belong. No matter what happens or what choices you make, you will always be invited in to the inner circle. There is no rejection here. 

I am thankful for this “sorority,” for the many women I do life with everyday. I am also thankful that I am still in contact with (thanks to social media) some of those fabulous ZTA gals. 

                              Fabulous women who have played a role in my life – past and present! 

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