I strongly dislike going to Walmart. I don’t know why I continually subject myself to such torture, but yesterday was one of those days that I chose to do so. While I was standing in line at the deli counter (somewhat patiently for a change) giving the overworked and underpaid worker my order, I noticed his name tag. His name is Allen, and for some reason I felt compelled to say his name when I thanked him for the chicken, turkey, and ham he handed me. Weird, I thought, that I would feel the need to call someone by name….the feeling proceeded to follow me to the checkout line (where my patience was all but gone). Here a gentleman named Chuck checked out a long line of people ready to begin their vacation intertwined with some gluttons for punishment like myself. I ended my Walmart ordeal with a “thank you, Chuck,” and walked out the door still pondering why I needed to call them by name.

There are all sorts of assumptions that can be made- maybe I was having a moment of insanity (very likely), maybe they needed to hear their name to know that someone was paying attention, maybe I needed a reminder of how to be polite and respectful to people that are serving me, maybe it really had no meaning at all…But, there is One who knows your name.

God knows your name. Whether you are the deli clerk, the cashier, or the impatient shopper, He cares about you, loves you. Life can sometimes make us feel isolated and alone, but that is a lie of the enemy. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, known even before you formed in your mother’s womb. When God calls out to you, He doesn’t need a name-tag to identify you, He doesn’t wrack His brain trying to remember your name. He knows who you are, what you are going through, and what you need. Listen for Him to call your name today.


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