Five years ago I was a single mom without any real prospects at finding a relationship that might amount to anything. I was so lonely at times I didn’t know what to do. But, in October 2013 God saw fit to answer my prayers, and I was introduced to Scott. Not only did the Lord bring me a wonderful husband, He gave me a fabulous mother-in-law as well.

From the first time I met Betty, she welcomed me into her home, and loved me and the boys like we were her own. It never seemed like we had just met, but like we had always been family. We laughed, we cried, we shopped, we ate, we talked about life, death, and all manner of things in between….and, we especially liked teasing Scott about her newfound crush on Thor when he was introduced in the Avenger movies.

Betty was compassionate, loving, and touched many lives. Everyone who knew her loved her. In April 2016 she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Instead of asking “why me” she dug her heels in, and faced this battle head on. She was an inspiration to everyone who talked to her. No matter how bad she felt she walked with a smile, and offered words of encouragement along with statements of faith to those she came in contact with.

In April of this year we thought that we might win this fight. However, in June we were told we would not. Even then Betty kept her smile. On August 8th we moved Betty in with us. I won’t say that this was easy for any of us. Betty was fiercely independent, and I am sure that this was the hardest part for her. However, I will say that I would not take back one second that we had with her. The only regret is that we could not get her to move in sooner.

We couldn’t go eat or shop anymore, but we could laugh and tease the boys and enjoy the time we had left. On September 21st she traded this world for the next. There is a huge hole in our hearts and an empty space in our house. Betty Lou we miss you like crazy, but only for a little while.

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