My kids talk me into everything, even when I don’t have time to be talked into something. Sunday was no exception because their favorite rap guy, Andy Mineo, was going to be at Winter Jam. So, with them and a friend in tow, Scott and me fought the crowd and joined the thousands at a Christian music concert that at times I thought I might be too old for (LOL).

In addition to Andy Mineo and several other groups we Tenth Avenue North. I do really like this band and know most of their songs, but what blessed me most was Zachary’s reaction to one of their songs. They have a song called Torn. Zach liked this song when it first came out, but I have yet to determine why. It is a song about being worn out from the struggles of life, and calls on God to give hope. Anyway, they played this song. During this song Zach stood to his feet with his hand lifted high in worship- it was the sweetest thing that I have ever seen, especially, since he was sitting in the middle of a group of middle school boys and he didn’t care that he was the only one standing.

When we were getting in the car after the concert Zach brought up that song, and proceeded to tell me that he cried when they sang it because it moved his heart. I told him how proud I was that he was worshiping. Then I wondered what it is about that song that speaks to him. He’s 12, he really hasn’t had a trial to endure or experienced just how hard life can be sometimes. Could it be that the Lord is speaking to him now to prepare him for what he may face in the future? Or, is there a hurt in his heart that I don’t see, but the Lord know is there?

Either way, and no matter what, I know that the Lord speaks to him, and it is my prayer that he will continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit his whole life.

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