What Are You Afraid Of?

All I keep hearing about the recent election is that people are afraid. But what are they afraid of? Are they afraid  that the liberal agenda cannot dictate the will of the “people” anymore? Because the will of the people voted in an unconventional candidate with a no-holds-barred pointedness in hopes that he will bring the change we have been waiting on for 8 years now. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to start a political debate, or spout my own political jargon to make people angry or isolate friends, but I am saying that perhaps a different perspective is in order. As a (probably somewhat moderate) conservative, these are my thoughts on a few of the political “fears” presented:

1- Should we be more afraid of our daughters (I don’t have any of my own, but there are plenty in my family) not having a right to say what happens to their bodies- i.e. have the right to have an abortion if they want one no matter what stage of pregnancy they are in, or of them not being truthfully educated about the fact that an abortion at any term kills an unborn baby, and has serious emotional consequences that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life? Now, I am not naive enough to think that if abortions become illegal that they will stop- they will not. And, once a Pandora’s box like abortion has been opened, can we really close it back up? What should happen is policies and procedures be reformed and there be some limitations on when and how they can be performed. Women should be presented with ALL options, and not just abortion when they enter Planned Parenthood establishments or crisis pregnancy centers, the process of abortion and exactly what the procedure entails should be presented to them. The question that puzzles me the most in this debate is, “how can we allow women to abort babies, but prosecute offenders when they attack a woman and kill her unborn baby?” Is it a baby or not? Does “it” have rights or not? Because abortion says that the fetus does not, unless it is killed by someone other than it’s mother- just something to think about….

2- Health Care. I am not at all opposed to everyone having access to affordable health care. But the key here is affordable. Why pay $300-$400 per month for insurance coverage that has such a high deductible that you will never meet it, and therefore never reap the benefits of the policy? I realize that there are those with serious medical conditions that benefit from this, but what about those that do not? Most people that I know without insurance have opted to pay the penalty at the end of the year rather than buy a policy. This puts a greater burden on the tax payers, insurance companies, and medical facilities. I am not an expert here, but I have enough friends in insurance, medical professions, and who are opting not to buy policies on the exchange because of the expense to know Obamacare has not worked. Wouldn’t it be better to work together to find a solution to this rather than being afraid that something might be taken away from you?

3- The solution to immigration is not to build walls or close borders, but to make sure that the process of legal immigration is followed. If people from other countries want to come here, let them, but make sure that they are following the rules, obtaining the proper paperwork, and working toward citizenship if they want to live here permanently. And, we shouldn’t change our values, beliefs, traditions because people from other countries do not agree. Why has the voice of foreigners become louder than the voice of Americans? If you want to live here, live here legally. If you want benefits, a job, the right to vote, obtain it legally. There should be parameters in place that keep illegal immigrants from obtaining government welfare, jobs, and the right to vote. Protect American citizens and those immigrants who have followed the rules to live in this great country.

4- LGBT (and I think they have added a Q in there somewhere)- a touchy subject, I know, and one that will probably not win me friends or the ability to influence people (LOL- but, seriously). I have a lot of questions concerning whether people are born gay, or choose that lifestyle. I am willing to admit that I do not have an answer for that, and cannot tell you that the things that you feel are not real- I hope when I get to heaven the Lord will have a big book with the answers to life’s unanswered questions. This is what I do know, I know what the Bible says about homosexuality as well as other “sins.” I do not struggle or desire that lifestyle but there are plenty of other things listed under the category of sin that I have had to ask forgiveness for- it is not my place to judge you, but I do not have to agree with you. You might not agree with all of the choices that I make, that’s what makes us different, unique, and makes the world less boring. My convictions and beliefs would not allow me to vote for same-sex marriage, but that does not mean that I hate you. Obviously, the government has validated this form of marriage- is there really a reason to undo it, or try to stuff it back in the “closet?” What I would like to see is this: the same rules apply to you that apply to every other American and marriage. In order to have the same benefits that heterosexual couples share, get married. Benefits should not be made available for domestic partners who are not married- what is good for one side, is good for the other. If you are female, use the female restroom. Is it not my right to use a women’s restroom without men being present? Don’t call me a bigot, a hater, intolerant, or give me any of the other labels the LGBT community enlists because I do not agree with you. I am not those things-

I realize that I have not addressed many things, and of the things that I have addressed, I have not covered every element. I think we, as Americans, should have a concern for our country, but not live in fear. I believe that we can accomplish more together than we can by fighting with each other and calling each other names. The majority of the American people voted for change because they do not want to be governed by the far left agenda. I do not believe the extreme right is the answer either. Somewhere in the middle lies the answers and the change that our country wants and needs. No matter what political party you side with, be open-minded to hear what the other sides have to say, and willing to compromise for the good of the whole rather than the agendas of a few. If you are an evangelical Christian, don’t depend on the government to legislate your values and beliefs- that is not their job. Pray, don’t judge, pray, stand up for what you believe in with love, pray- and do not be afraid.

And, while I’m on this soap box, our kids need to be taught that in real life not everyone gets a trophy, and things don’t always go our way- if I were throwing temper tantrums like some of these protestors my Momma would whip my behind, no matter how old I was!

2 Timothy 1:7 – The Lord has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

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