My Ring

Now that we have surprised everyone (well, maybe not EVERYONE, but most people), I want to tell you the story behind my ring.

Scott and I knew almost from the beginning that we are supposed to be together. Both of us had been praying and asking God for specific things. I truly feel like God took the list of things that I had been asking for and just went down the list checking them off and saying, “yes, Christie, you can have this now”. Scott feels the same way.

When we first started talking about marriage we didn’t say too much to other people because we knew that it sounded crazy! Then one day my mom called me up and started talking about “IF Scott and me decided to get married and if we didn’t want to do this then ok but we could if we wanted to and just let her know and that if I wanted it I could have the engagement ring that Jimmy had given to her”. I was floored. I had not said anything to her about us talking about marriage. I was also surprised that she wanted to give it up. But I told her I would love to have it if and when that time came. Jimmy meant a lot to me. He and I were very close, and I have missed him terribly this last year. Especially, now.

When I told Scott about mom’s call he said that he loved that idea because it would be very special to me and therefore very special to him. However, if (and these are his exact words) I wanted a ring big enough to make me puke, I could have that. I opted for mom’s diamond, and to make it “ours” we picked out a setting together.

We have had the ring back from the jewelry store for a couple of weeks, but he was intent on “asking me the right way”. With a little help from our mutual friends (thanks Debbie and Tonya :)) he finally made it official!

I am so very happy and thankful that the Lord saw fit to bring us together. He really is a great guy! This is the most perfect engagement ring I could have ever imagined….

PS – I love you, Pop, in case you can hear me in heaven…I know you would love Scott, too!

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