What I Am Learning

Hello, blog readers. I have missed you guys and my blog. Believe me, I have been doing plenty of writing, just not anything that I think you might be interested in reading :o) However, this is a little recap of what I have been learning….

Herod was paranoid and didn’t get along with anyone, especially his family. I wonder if insecurity was at the root of this paranoia and cruelty? The Herodians were the Herod’s groupies and not a small garage band from the south side of Jerusalem like a friend of mine offered….LOL!

Denominations back in the day were not that different than the denominations of today. The Pharisees, Sadduces and Essenes pretty much thought their way was right, and that everyone else was wrong. The Jews condemned the Gentiles and many missed the love of Jesus and what the love truly means.

The Diaspora are Jews that lived outside of Palestine. I’ve heard Beth Moore refer to the Diaspora a hundred times but never knew who she was talking about.

A “canon” is not a cannon! Canon is the books of the New Testament. It was a long process to pick the books that went into the New Testament, but the powers that be finally agreed and gave us our beloved New Testament scriptures of the Bible.

The project for this class was to write a Bible study on a New Testament character. I chose Peter. I am not sure how insightful or interesting it is going to be, but I will post for you to read when I am done.

This class has been HARD but a very good learning experience for me. It has definitely been an eyeopener for how much I DO NOT know about God’s word, and how much I have taken It for granted.

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