Resolutions 2012

I didn’t really make any resolutions for 2011, and don’t feel particularly inclined to do so for 2012 either. However, I did accomplish a few things that are note worthy and hope to keep this trend moving forward into the new year.

I ran a 5k race in 2011, and lost 25 pounds as a result of running more. I didn’t start out with this as my goal, but as I started running more and loosing weight, I not only looked better physically but felt better physically and spiritually. I haven’t been running the last few weeks and can definitely tell a difference. Even though I am not trying to loose anymore weight, I want to maintain the weight I have lost. Running will definitely stay on my agenda for the coming year.

Finishing my bachelors degree was also on my “to do list” last year. I am happy to say that I did accomplish this in 2011. My challenge for 2012 will be starting my masters degree in Christian Leadership through Liberty University Online. This degree won’t necessarily help advance my career, but I felt that it was the choice God wanted me to make, and look forward to all He is going to teach me through this program.

Another thing on my heart is to spend more quality time with my boys. The reality of how little time I have left with them weighs heavy sometimes causing me to wonder just how much of an impact I am making. Am I teaching them the things they need to learn or just going through the motions of navigating life? It is difficult to manage everything going on, and sometimes I admit that I follow my own agenda more than really thinking about what is best for them.

These three things will not be completed in 2012, and with the exception of my graduate degree, won’t be fully accomplished in any year. They are all ongoing growing and learning experiences, thoughts that prompt me to be a better person. Callings of God to become more of who He wants me to be and less of the woman I want to be. As John 3:30 tells me, He must increase and I must decrease.

I believe in God’s plan for me and my boys (and for everyone else on the planet, too). Although I don’t always understand what He is up to or why things happen the way they do, I know in my heart that His plan is best. I want to pursue Him more than ever in 2012.

Father I pray that we all come to know what is the width, length and height of the love of Christ. A love that we can’t fully comprehend, but also a love that fills us with the fullness of You and all You have in store for us. Help us to believe that You, Jesus, are able to not only fulfill the desires of our hearts and help us through even the hardest of circumstances, but are able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask for or think of. It is Your power that works in us, and I pray that we will let It work.  (Ephesians 3:18-20)

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