Shout Out for my Single Mom Friends

This blog post is dedicated to my single mom friends who I love dearly and can’t imagine navigating this rocky road of life without. It is in no way an indication that at the root of things we are not happy or in anyway imply that we discount the reality of Jesus working in us and for us. But…..

Life just stinks sometimes. No use beating around the bush to say it. It is hard, we worry, and often times we ask God if He is sure He won’t give us more than we can bear. The day-to-day thoughts of money, kids, and how we are going to get everything done consumes us most of the time and tries to make the burden all the harder to carry. There is often a lot more month than money. Our kids see the things that other kids get and wonder why they can’t have it all. Not to mention the fact that they are missing the much needed father figure to provide the support and stability that we sometimes cannot. I do not know how to SHOW my boys how to be godly men. I am not a man. I can teach them about God’s word and live the way God instructs me to live, but it is not the same as if they had a godly man to lead them. How do we show our girls that their value is greater than anything that this world offers and that they shouldn’t settle for the first guy that comes along that says the “right” things but does not have their best interests in his heart? We certainly don’t want them to make the mistakes that we (and their dads) have made.

And let’s not even talk about the dynamic of dating. Seriously….some days we long for someone that will help ease the burdens of adult life. Someone to talk to about the worst day ever or that will anticipate our need for dinner to already be made and at least a path cleared through the house so that we can walk straight to bed for much needed rest (did I mention that sleep is a rare commodity?). But what we get instead is trying too hard to impress someone who really isn’t sure of what he wants or who is looking for the “perfect” woman, and end up making a fool of ourselves. Or believing the lines that we are fed only to realize that, that is all they are, empty words. What about when we do give our hearts to someone…and they give it right back to us? We find ourselves back at square one dealing with the same thoughts and insecurities that we had hoped had been conquered.

Yes, life stinks, sometimes. But there is a constant. The Still Small Voice that wakes us up at (what we think as) the most inopportune times and says “Wake up precious one. I want to tell you something”. And we wrestle with waking up to spend time with our God and say, “not now Lord, I am tired”. But His message to us won’t leave. He keeps prompting us through the Holy Spirit to talk with Him, commune with Him, to let Him be the One that meets our needs and fills us up. His love is perfect, His plan is perfect. In order for us to be the women that He has called us to be we have to give Him our whole heart, and trust Him completely. Otherwise we aren’t fully able to love, trust, or overcome the hurts of our past to move forward in what He has for us.

Even though we wrestle and argue before we submit, His message stays the same. If we listen close enough we will hear Him say, “It’s going to be OK”. Everything that we need was provided when Jesus came to this earth. As Pastor Tom has been teaching, “the end of our between is here”.

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