New Adventure in the New Year

I know that it is too early for new Year’s resolutions, but I just can’t contain my excitement about starting my masters degree program with Liberty University!

I have loved everything about King College and greatly appreciate the opportunity that they provided me to complete my bachelor’s degree in business, and seriously considered moving forward with obtaining my MBA from them. However, as the time got closer for me to graduate and make a decision about what my next move would be, I began to feel unsettled with the MBA choice.

I really felt like God was telling me to pursue other options and even felt chastised a little because I had not asked Him if the MBA degree is what He wanted me to pursue. Even though I had already applied and been accepted to King’s MBA program, I started looking for other options.

That is when I found Liberty University online.

From the moment I started looking into their programs I have felt peace. The school has good reviews, friends that have attended there have positive things to say, I watched their convocation on Sunday mornings, all very positive!! PLUS, they have many more options than an MBA.

I knew the Lord was leading me into some sort of Biblical studies, but also knew that I wanted have something that I could further apply to my current career. So, I chose their Master of Arts in Christian Leadership.

The closer January 16th gets, the more excited I become. It almost overshadows my graduation on December 16th!! I can’t wait to study God’s word in a classroom environment. Here is a list of the classes I am taking my first semester:

Introduction to Apologetics, New Testament Orientation, Old Testament Introduction, and Systematic Theology.

I haven’t a clue what I am going to do with this degree when I am done. But I do know that God surely has a plan that is going to change my life and will keep drawing me closer to Him!

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