Working It All Out For Good

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose”

My uncle’s death was untimely by our time, and was certainly a shock. One that we would rather not repeat with any other family members any time soon. But as I was with my family last weekend, and even in the few days since, I have seen God at work. Not only comforting my family, but working some things out for good.

I have not had a very good relationship with my dad’s side of the family (except for my Granny and Papa). I just didn’t want the lifestyle that they seemed to embrace, and I had a lot of animosity toward my dad because he wasn’t around for me when I was a little girl. I carried these feelings well into adulthood, and thought that I was fine.

Well, the Lord has a way of messing you up, and letting you know that you aren’t OK! A couple of years ago I had a prophetic word spoken over me by two different people. Now for those of you who may be skeptical of this sort of thing, I did not know these two men, never met them in my life, but had been praying diligently for the Lord to give me a word of confirmation on some things going on in my life. They not only spoke about those things, but also spoke about a restored relationship with my father that had been broken since I was a little girl. I did a few things that I felt like the Lord was calling me to do at that time and left it at that. No real relationship with my dad was established, but we were more on “speaking terms” than we had been in years. And, I started calling him “dad” again instead of “John”.

Nothing else really changed but this last weekend I saw my dad like I have not seen him before. I almost can’t find the words to describe the change that I saw. My uncle’s death really humbled him.

Isn’t it just like the Lord to give us things that we have longed for? My dad told me that I was pretty. I don’t know if I have ever heard him tell me that. But don’t all daughters want to hear that from their daddies? I went for two motorcycle rides with him. Not that riding motorcycles is my thing, but because he had rode me on his bike when I was little. My uncle had rode me on his motorcycle, too. I told my dad that I loved him and I mean it. I’m not really sure that my heart is completely healed, but I see the true beginnings of restoration.

My dad called me this morning to tell me to be careful and that he loves me. How unusual……I’m not sure I know what to do with this. Except to realize that God works all things together for good. 

One last thing, my dad called my mom. They have been divorced since I was 11. They have not been on very good speaking terms. But he apologized to her for all that he had done to her and our family. She apologized, too. Could this be the release of bitterness held by both of them? I in no way mean that they will reconcile, they are both remarried to great people, just that maybe they both will have a greater peace now. 

Did my uncle have to die for these things to happen? No. But God has taken this tragedy that satan meant for harm and changed my dad. He is bringing an end to a cycle of un-forgiveness and bitterness, and whispered a few sweet words to this little girl’s heart.

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