There is a Season, a Time

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, 4

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven; A time to be born, and a time to die…”

Today was my uncle Randy’s time to die. So many things run through my mind when I think about this and the sadness that my family faces now and until Jesus calls the rest of us home.

The first is that I am not sure that he was saved. It is my sincere hope that at some point either before this accident, or sometime during the accident he cried out to Jesus to forgive him, and found himself in heaven. My uncle lived a hard life. Mostly scarred by alcohol and drugs. Maybe a product of the environment that he grew up in, but mostly because of the choices that he made. My heart hurts to think that he may not have been ready to meet his Maker.

Second, my poor Granny. She has buried one of her babies (when he was a baby), her husband of nearly 50 years, most of her friends, and now her youngest son. And her oldest son is in prison. I wonder how much she can take. She has been through so much and still, life is hard. Her life has been hard, and not just from the loss of close family and friends. Sometimes it seems she drew the short end of the stick.

Third, I haven’t been really close to my uncle in years. As a matter of fact, I really couldn’t tell you the last time that I talked to him. But when I was young, he was my favorite. He would ride with me on the bicycle. We had a not so pleasant accident one time that landed me at the hospital scrapped and bruised. He took me for rides on his motorcycle. He took me to meet Santa at his work. That did not go so well either, as I was not too inclined to visit with Santa. I have a not so pretty picture of me crying on Santa’s lap with my uncle Randy sitting beside me to calm me down.

We have been through many seasons. I know that not one of them was a surprise to God. He has known all of these things would happen, He knows what else will happen. I believe He will guide us through the seasons to follow……from the time of weeping and mourning to the time of laughter and dancing….and pray that He sends an extra portion of His peace for this really difficult time.

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