When Hezekiah became king after Ahaz, he immediately started restoring the kingdom to a relationship with the Lord. I love what he says in 2 Chronicles 29:10 (NIV) “Now I intend to make a covenant with the LORD, the God of Israel, so that his fierce anger will turn away from us”.

Now I’m all about turning away the anger of the Lord (or trying not to make Him mad to start with), but what stands out is that Hezekiah was intentional. He was making it a point to turn Israel back to God. The New King James version uses the words “it is in my heart to make covenant with the Lord”.

This really started me thinking about how intentional my walk with God is. How much of what God wants is in my heart? I get so caught up in the everyday things and happenings (distractions) of life that I loose my focus on what God may be trying to show me or the things that I need to change or the kind of example I am being. I stop being intentional in my walk with God, and operate more in the flesh of Christie than the calling of God.

Intentional means deliberate. Am I deliberate in making choices that honor God? Am I deliberate in my obedience to Christ? Or, do I just go through the motions of following the dos and don’ts of the Bible. Do I have just enough Jesus to get me to Heaven, or do I intentionally seek Him and His will for me and my family?

I hope that much more often than not I am intentional in my relationship with my Abba Father, but I know that I have fallen short. My prayer now if for Jesus to not let me forget the words of Hezekiah, for me to repeat those words as if I had penned them…..

I intend to make a covenant with the Lord my God, to let it be in my heart to serve Him and give Him reign over my household. To tear down the things that I have let come between Him and me, and move forward in the blessings that His word promises. Jesus help me to be intentional. 

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