Happy Birthday Joseph!

Today is Joseph’s birthday, he is 14! He will probably never read this but I just have to brag on him a little.

I can’t believe how time has flown by. Before long we will be filling out college applications and I will be driving him to a new adventure. It almost makes me cry now just thinking about it.

I am VERY proud of my first born. It always amazes me the things that people tell me about him. I so often feel like I am failing as a mother, but when I hear about things he is doing and the example that he sets, I realize that with a whole lot of God’s help. something is going right.

He is not a crowd follower for sure, and is more apt to be an example rather than conform. He is unique and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about that. He has a lot of friends, but doesn’t let that go to his head. I have seen him hang out with kids of all different backgrounds and not leave anyone out. I hope this is true for when I’m not around, I believe it is.

He won student of the month at school recently, three teachers nominated him. He is in Beta club. His teachers always tell me what a good sport he is. One teacher even told me about their friendly little jokes they play on each other. A few weeks ago the Assistant Principal was bragging about him saying that a couple of special needs kids wanted to come into the lunch room but were afraid. Joseph and a friend of his went and got the two kids, helped them get their lunch and sat with them during lunch so they wouldn’t be afraid. I could almost cry at that, too.

He helps with the nursery and pre-k kids at church. They adore him! (too bad I can’t get him and Zach to get along like that….brothers!!!) He loves them, too!

Because of Beta he has to do community service. A few of the things he has done are: collecting and donating toys for a local clinic, helping a friend of ours clean up trash around their business, helping with a special needs camp at a church in our community, and picking up trash along the Gatlinburg bypass.

I see leadership in him and a heart for young children. I am excited to see how these two things develop in his life and where God takes him. He is such a good kid (if I do say so myself). People tell me that all the time. I love him very much and am very proud to be his mom!

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