Without Water

Well, we survived yesterday without water. I bought 5 gallons of water plus one case (equal to about 3.16 gallons) and already had a half case of water at home. The total was around 9.75 gallons of water and we used it all! Talk about a lesson in how much water we use in a day….

I’ll spare you the details of this little adventure, but think Little House on the Prairie and pouring water into pots to boil and tubs and sinks! And, I do not recommend washing your hair with bottles of water….it’s cold and difficult to rinse (LOL), I skipped conditioner!

As I was thinking about this today, I thought isn’t it good to know that we have another source of water? One that won’t ever run out, spring a leak, or be depleted? One that we don’t have to buy or earn or search for…we just have to be willing to drink, take Him in and let Him fill us with His fountain of living water. So even though things on this earth may cause us inconvenience, Jesus never fails to give us as much Water (His presence in our lives) as we will drink.

Father thank You for Your Son and that He provides a well for us that will never run dry. Fill up our thirsty souls with the power of Your word and Your presence in our lives. Let us be satisfied with You!

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