Grace for Today

I didn’t get up on time this morning which put me running late for church which makes me crazy! After church I had a dead car battery. That made us late getting to the restaurant to put our name on the list for our rather large group that decided to eat lunch together today. After lunch, battery was dead again. Got car jump started again (by the same teenagers from our youth group) and stopped at Advance Auto. Yep, battery is shot. New battery in place, car still would not stay cranked. An hour later with airflow sensor cleaned we made our way home.

Now I know this sounds like I had a bad day and it was draining. BUT, the Lord kept speaking to me in all this chaos that really drives me crazy….He kept telling me, My grace is enough. No matter what I am facing or how much the situation is getting on my nerves, or how concerned I am with the cost of car repairs, He is all that I need. The Calm in my chaos. Even though my outside world was going crazy today, my inside had peace.

So, on a better note, we had a great time at church and a fun time at lunch with people we love. And, I still have time for a tiny nap before church tonight.

This week remember 2 Corinthians 12:9, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness”.

Father, than You for grace. Amen

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