The Rest of NYC

I had every intention of writing about NY everyday but after Tuesday things just became a blur! Tuesday night we ended up at the Empire State Building. I am so glad we decided to go at night (even though I am sure that during the day it is just as beautiful)…..I don’t even know how far you can see but it seems almost as far as Tennessee!!

Wednesday we got up and headed to Central Park where I got into an argument with a street vendor who tried to charge Joseph $7 for a hot dog….it was not a pretty sight but we did end up with a snow cone and a hot dog for $7. Thankfully all of the other street vendors only charged $1 or $2 for a hot dog. Since that is the only thing that Zach wanted to eat while we were there it ended up pretty good for me….that is the least expensive thing that I bought the whole time. After Central Park we walked and walked and walked looking for the “Hello Deli” that David Letterman talks about on his show….we wanted to eat there but found that it is a tiny little place with hardly any seating and was packed at lunch time….we settled for another little restaurant around the corner from there…we then took the subway down to Ground Zero. I was surprised at the amount of construction…there really wasn’t much to see except a lot of equipment. There was still a feeling to it…just being there, I’m not really sure how to describe it. After that we hopped on a bus and went down to the ferry….we took a ride over to Stanton (is that right??) Island and got a great view of the Statue of Liberty and great pictures of the city from across the river. Then back to Times Square…..after we got back to the hotel we prayed for our family and friends in the path of those horrible storms….I even called Granny at 11:15 because I was worried when the weather channel said a tornado touched down east of Knoxville (which is where Sevier County is…where I live)….Thankfully she, Woody and Patches were OK but it had been scary!

Thursday we headed out to Macy’s where you really need an entire day! It is 10 floors (I think the map said) and has everything that you can think of! Zachary made friends with the women in the children’s department and kept picking things up for them….it drove me crazy because I had to keep chasing him all over the place instead of shopping but the ladies LOVED him and offered him a job ;o) Actually, Zach made A LOT of friends in NY….he talked to everyone and they all entered into a conversation with him….it was so funny, he cracked everybody up! Thursday afternoon Sherri and Jan got in line to buy tickets for a show and me, the boys and Uncle Clay took a trip to the Museum of Natural History…to our dissappointment, the museum closed 20 minutes after we arrived….I should have checked the hours before we hit the subway. But, we did get to see the dinosaurs which were really cool!

Joseph and Uncle Clay went to the movies Wednesday and Thursday nights. They weren’t ready for bed when we were (11pm)….after Zach had been walking all day without a nap….we both needed to be put in timeout!

Friday morning we finished packing and made one last trip to Times Square and then headed to the airport. We were all sorry that our time had come to an end but glad that we might actually get to rest when we got home. What a fun trip…I’m so glad I decided to take the boys…I hope we get to go back soon!

Here are a few more pics…..there are lots more on Facebook.

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