Today we ventured onto the subway and into Chinatown. It was an experience to say the least. When we got off the subway and started walking down the street a girl asked us if we were interested in purses. Sherri told her yes and we started walking….we stopped where a couple of other girls were and they handed us laminated cards with pictures of purses (think Coach, Prada, etc…). They kept asking us what we liked and when we didn’t seem interested, they asked us if we wanted to see the store. We said yes. Well, we followed the first girl a couple of blocks down where she handed us off to another girl who took us down a street that was getting a little creepy looking. We finally got to this dark little store and went inside (all seven of us, not just Sherri and me). After we went in she opened the “wall” and led us to the back room where there were rows of “name brand” purses and wallets…..I’m not kidding…..we ended up buying two “Coach” purses and a “Coach” wallet. I have two Coach purses that I bought at the Coach store….I can’t tell the difference…..only instead of hundreds of dollars, these were $30…..lest you think we spent all of our time in the “dark”, there were shops in broad daylight which we bought items from :o) However, people running one of the stores where we declined to purchase sunglasses told us to “get lost”..LOL….they really did….we are still laughing about it. Anyway, we have been to Chinatown and survived…..

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