Whitewashed Walls

The Apostle Paul called a high priest a “whitewashed wall” because of his contradictory statements and condemning attitude. Jesus also called a group of people “whitewashed” meaning that their outward appearance seemd true and right but inwardly, they had much to be desired. 

Has the church today become “whitewashed”? Do our outward attitudes and ways reflect the love of God and the people that He calls us to be?

Too many times we get in our own circles and lives, and fail to be what Jesus has called us to be. Do we reach out to others? Do we really care about them and the struggles or issues that they may be dealing with, or are we quick to eliminate anyone who doesn’t talk, act or think like we do. How many people cross our paths that we ignore because they don’t fit the description we have about who we should hang out with, or because they don’t have perfect lives? Are we sending the message that they should “fix” themselves and then (maybe) they could become our friend?

People are hurting. This world now more than ever needs for us, CHRISTIANS, to reach out to them, to offer them hope. Too many times I have heard about people being turned away because the council that they sought in church said, “I don’t want to get involved”. If it is not the Pastors’, Elders’, church members place to get involved when the lost, hurting, sometimes desperate are seeking help, then whose is it?

What about our friends and family? Can they open up to us and talk about probems and struggles without fear of rejection or do they have to keep a certain facade to remain in our groups?

Jesus came into this world to save us, not condemn us. Let us not condemn others by not reaching out to them.

Father, I thank you for opportunities to reach out to others. I pray that we would indeed, not live in this world to condemn, but that we would offer the light and hope that is found in Your Son, Jesus. Let us check ourselves that we will not become like whitewashed walls. That our outward “appearance” will reflect Your inward love. In Jesus’ merciful name, Amen.

Scripture References:
John 3:17
Matthew 23: 27-28
Acts 23:3
Romans 8:1

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