I was SO tired yesterday when I got in from Dallas but had a couple of things to do at home. I got into the airport around 11:30 am and headed to our church to say good bye to Joseph before he left for his youth trip this weekend. After that I had to wash my car because it was REALLY dirty. Apparently some bird had perched its self on a tree branch above where I was parked the whole time I was gone. After that I ran home to try and make myself presentable before taking Zach to register for kindergarten. I laid down at 4 pm to watch Little House on the Prairie (LOL) and fell asleep. I woke up at 6:30. I went back to bed at 9pm and got up at 7am this morning I was REALLY tired. This is what caused the need for all of that sleep…..

Tuesday: up at 2 am because my flight from Knoxville was at 5:30 am. Got to the airport at about 4:15. Flew to Charlotte where I had a 2 hour layover. Flew from there to ORlando (don’t ask, my boss booked my ticket ~ I asked him if he was paying me back for something that I had done wrong)….finally arrived in Dallas around 12:30/12:45…gained an hour because of time change. Met Logan at the airport, went to hotel, walked around trade show, met up with friends for dinner, back at hotel around 9:30, in bed by 10!

Wednesday: at breakfast 7:15, general session 8-12 (had a hard time staying awake…really wanted to win the iPod touch but someone else’s number was called…bummer!)…lunch and then breakout sessions, some useful information, glad for firedrill in the middle of one…if was becoming boring. Dinner that night at Eddie Deen’s!! Free food, free drinks, live band and armadillo racing….what more does a girl need??? Again, in bed by 10….my friends think I am goodie two shoes….told them no, just can’t hang with the big dogs!!

Thursday: same as Wedensday but did get a tiny little workout in (and I do mean tiny) then headed to Hampton’s “dance club”! Again, free food and free drinks but no line dancing or armadillos….had a DJ that played some good music but most was not my style…good fun, though….glad I got to see all my friends from GM class in Memphis and pretty much everyone I have ever worked for in the hotel business!

Friday: up at 5am at airport by 6:30…on my way home at 8!

Had a really good time….now have to get back to reality :o)

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