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I am taking a creative writing class this semester. It has been fun and challenging. Just thought that I would share a couple of poems that I have written for the class. The first one we had to pick a topic and write about it (I chose faith) and the second we had to describe something with a symbol (I chose a whirlwind to respresent

A staple of existence I am told,
For without it you can’t live so bold.
If it’s missing life seems bleak,
But to truly have it you must be meek.
An invisible force that fills your heart,
It draws you back out of the dark.
It dreams your dreams and calms your fears,
And sometimes even dries your tears.
Unseen but there…
A feeling that you must share.
Its presence takes over in times of trouble,
Sometimes loudly, sometimes subtle.
But not just sadness, sorrow, and strife,
It brings great joy and new life.
What is this thing your heart holds dear?
The answer must be clear…

Slow and gentle winds wake from sleep
And suddenly begin to creep
Twisting and turning to find a path
No one can escape his wrath
A force that cannot be reckoned
No matter who may beckon
He clamors on, nothing keeps him at bay
There is no time to get out of his way
But underneath the turmoil calmness lays
Slowly taking the fierceness away
Without warning winds dissipate
And in the rubble that’s left a small child waits

Feel free to critique….I really like to write but don’t feel “creative”.

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