Traveling Take Two

Ok, I may have to rethink my previous thoughts about liking to travel. THis is how my journey has gone so far….

– Flight delayed from GSP to Charlotte on Sunday, flight delayed from Charlotte to Memphis after that…BUT, there is good news….while I was waiting to see if they were going to cancel my flight to Memphis I met a girl who was heading to the same class as me, on the same flight AND our seats were right beside each other….imagine that :0)

– Called US Air Tuesday to change my flight to Thursday and they wanted to charge me $500 and told me to call back Thurs.

– Called back Thursday morning to be told that flights were not being changed because of weather yet…

– Called back Thursday right after lunch to be told that all flights were full because of changes because of the weather….I was not a very happy camper but throwing a fit would hardly have helped

– Friday morning 9:20 flight cancelled, rebooked on 2:18, 2:18 flight cancelled, stuck in Memphis and about a true melt down when hotel told me they were going to charge me $130 per night even though I work at a Hampton Inn…thankfully, the Sales girl I met earlier in the week called me back and said that I was only going to be charged the employee rate which is $29…me and my bank account give a big sigh of relief although I am still fighting tears from being SO homesick

– Saturday finally get out of Memphis only to get to Charlotte and find that my flight to Greenville is cancelled and I can fly standy on 4:40 flight or the one after that if I don’t make it on the 4:40 but can be confirmed on 10:30 pm flight…get sent to different gate to board

– Went to chapel service held by airport Chaplin at 2pm…thought it wouldn’t hurt for me to do a little praying, especially to keep my attitude in check….

– It is now 5:12, battery on my computer is about to die because some came and abruptley plugged their computer in to the outlet that I was about to use….4:40 flight was delayed until 6:06 and I am #8 on the standby list…I may not get out of Charlotte…Dan has offered to come and get me…we’ll see what happens….

Maybe flying is not for me after all, flying in this bad weather has definitely stressed me out and put all sorts of thoughts about crashing in my head, which in turn has resulted in al sorts of prayers to God as to why it would not be a good idea for me to go to Heaven right now.

But, I really do like to fly……

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