I am very glad that I decided not to drive to Memphis. Today has turned out to be a dreary, rainy day and while I’m not sure that I would rather spend it in the air, I am definitely glad that I am not gasing up the car and heading down the interstate in it.

I really do like traveling and had I made more of the opportunities that I was given earlier in life I might have done more of it. But, I did not, so I take the opprtunities now when I can. I love big cities and airports. I’m not sure if I would have the same feeling if I was roaming about in them all the time, but for now they hold an appealing element that I really don’t know how to describe.

But I miss my babies already. It will be a long week without them. I know I will be able to get some things done in peace (like lots of homework), but I will constantly wonder what they are doing and if it is things that they should be doing.

Anyway, it is almost boarding time and my laptop battery is almost dead. Maybe I will get more blogged about my trip this week a little later!

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