Gallbladder Surgery

Well, the surgery went well, but I thought that I would be feeling alot better by now. It’s not that I feel terribly bad, I just don’t feel good. I feel kind of like a wimp…lol….The soreness is gone but I feel nauseous A LOT, and get tired easily. I am wondering if I was just so run down before the surgery that my body is having a harder time getting over it???? I went to work yesterday for an hour. I feel really bad about missing so much work, but the surgeon did recommend at least a week off (actually he said two or three). I really appreciate my boss who has been very generous in allowing me time off for this. I did do nothing for three days after my surgery. Dan had come up to help with the boys and I was thankful for that. We managed to get along despite our current disputes. Monday I ventured out of the house and resumed my role of taking care of pretty much everything and Tuesday I felt bad. Wednesday I thought would be better but once I got up and moving, I started feeling nauseous and sweaty/clammy so I left work to come home and go to bed. Today I plan on doing NOTHING at all, and think that I am going to venture out to work again tomorrow. My recheck with the surgeon is Wednesday. I plan on asking him about some of this then. Thanks to all my friends for their thoughts and prayers!

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