The Puppy

After months of ignoring my children’s pleas for a dog, I finally gave in…against my better judgement, might I add. My granny had been diligently searching the newspaper for free dogs and to my delight, every time she called inquiring, all the dogs were taken. Well, Tuesday was the exception. The lady had plenty of puppies left! So we drive up a small mountain, down the other side of the small mountain and about 2 miles down a single lane road to find a gravel drive-way that seemed to go straight up. We made it to the top where we were greeted by around 7 fully grown dogs and several puppies. No wonder she had plenty to give away! The boys found a puppy they liked…he is a terrier mix (we were told two different types of terriers). We get in the car and back down the one lane road when the puppy decides that he doesn’t like to ride in cars and he throws-up! not only once but twice to which Joseph declares he is going to be sick and Zach no longer wants a puppy. We finally make it back to Pigeon Forge where we stop at the car wash and clean up the car. After a trip to Wal-mart to get needed puppy supplies we made it home. Now if I can get him to go potty outside I think I might survive!

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