Zach and the Red Nail Polish

Not as scary as the title sounds, but…..just a few minutes ago I was sitting on the couch watching Little House on the Prairie (I know, kind of cheesey but I love it) when Zach comes in showing off his new manicure and pedicure….with, of all colors, bright red. The bright side of this is that after invesitgation, he did only manage to get it all over his fingers and toes and an unsuspecting hand towel. Based on the looks of the hand towel, I guess that he had his feet and hands on the towel while he was induldging in his spa experience. I think I have nail polish remover somewhere. If not, I guess I will be heading to Food City. What is really funny, though, is the fact that I was thinking I needed to touch up MY toes before wearing sandals all weekend but just couldn’t make myself get up off the couch…lol….guess I shouldn’t ignore those little thoughts, huh?

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