Zach’s First Sleepover

Zach usually has to settle for hanging out with Joseph’s friends, but Saturday he got to have his own friend over to spend the night. Our friends, Dan and Brandi, have a a son who is Zach’s age. Brandi asked Ashton if he would want to spend the night with us and he said yes. Neither of us knew if he would actually stay all night or not, but he stayed with no problems. He and Zach had so much fun and he was very well behaved (wish I could say that for Zach…actually, Zach was on his best behavior all night which makes me want to let his friends sleepover more often :o)). They played in the playroom, watched Kung Fu Panda, and went “swimming” in the bathtub (with swim trunks on)! When we picked them up from their class on Sunday, their teachers said that they had heard all about the sleepover. Here are some pics from their adventure….

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  1. how fun!!!! I can't wait for C.J.'s first sleep over:)

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