Like most preschoolers, Zachary likes to watch Noggin. We watch it ALL the time and love most of the shows. However, last night we were watching the Backyardigans and I was very disturbed to see that they were promoting Greek gods. It so happens that it was raining and two of the characters wanted it to stop so they decided that they needed to go and ask the goddess of weather to make it stop. They proceded to go up into the clouds where they met the god of laughter and the god of naps. Both of which tried to make them laugh and take a nap. When one of the characters refused the god chased them around trying to force them until the character offered an offering to the god. I did not make it to see what happened when they reached the god of weather. I am a Christian and I try to live my life accordingly. I don’t beat people over the head with theology or try to persuade them to believe as I do because I think that my life should be the example. I will defend my faith and tell of how it has changed my life. I guess what I want to know now is, why can television teach our kids to pray to other gods but it better not even remotely mention or reference the God who created it all?? Just my thoughts today. I don’t think that we will watch the Backyardigans anymore.

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