Spring Break 2009

Our spring break this year did not turn out exactly as we had planned but we did have alot of fun. We started out headed to the beach but that got changed through a series of events andwe ended up doing a variety of things.

We stayed at my parents house from Friday until Tuesday. There we had an Easter egg hunt with family and friends. The kids all had a good time coloring eggs and then eventually throwing them up against trees (all I can say is that they are boys!!). Joseph got to visit his friends Cameron and Colby. I got to visit with Sherri and Jen (Sherri and I were SO glad to catch up with her…love you, Jen!!!). After the egg hunt Sherri, Jen and me went to Applebee’s in Seneca to catch up.

Wednesday my sister and her family came up for a couple of days. Thursday we went to Dollywood for the WHOLE day. We also got to hang out with Bryan, Joy, Nate and Henry…we had such a good time.

Friday after my sister left we went to the library, and I tried to take the boys on a picnic but neither of them thought that a picnic was a fun idea, so, we ditched that idea and spent the afternoon at the flea market. Later, we met our friends from SC for dinner.

Today, I have cleaned the house, caught up the laundry and, can you believe, am writing a blog post!!?!?! I think I will get ahead on some homework now so that I won’t have so much to do next week.

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  1. WOW! that is crazy. C.J. doesn’t really watch that one but I will make sure he doesn’t watch it now!!! going to get Dolly Wood Pass this weel..I hope!

    love and miss you

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