Day Off With Zach

Today Zach and me had the day all to ourselves. We took Joseph to school and then came home and watched The Incredibles and read a Diego book about telling time (twice). Then Zach helped me clean out my closet for the yard sale next week…for some reason he liked the robe that I put in the pile and kept dragging it out. After that we got ready to go to Food City where I spent about $15 more than I planned because things just kept appearing in the cart!!! We had to load the groceries in the car in the rain…we got very wet! It was 2pm by this time and we had an hour before time to pick up Joseph. Zach fell asleep in the car, I took the groceries in the house, in the rain again, and then went through Wendy’s drive-thru for a late lunch. We got to school at 2:30 where Zach slept and I read some of John Grisham’s The Appeal. Now we are home watching Bolt!

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  1. I love that Movie, I need to get it for C.J. for Easter maybe. what are ya’ll up to? Ihope we can get together soon and go to Dollywood. Chad is going Turkey Hunting this weekend, please pray for the Turkey.LOL!!!

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