Joseph and Nadja

Joseph and Nadja have known each other since they were born, literally. And, they have the same birthday, just a few hours apart. When they were little we always had joint birthday parties and they were huge. Joseph and Nadja were inseperable and so cute. We haven’t seen our friends since we moved to TN…we have talked on the phone and such but haven’t been able to get together. Well, we were finally able to get together at Zach’s party a couple of weeks ago. I love my friend Theda. She is so special and I was very glad to be able to catch up with her while the kids hung out for a little while. It is hard to believe that they are 11 now. I hope they always remain good friends! Here are soe pics although I could not get Joseph to be serious in any of them…he was cracking Nadja up!!

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