The Case of the Missing Toothbrushes and Remote Control!

I know, weird name but that describes this post. Saturday we spent the whole day cleaning up and cleaning out a lot of clutter. One part of that cleaning involved a small cabinet in our bedroom. That is now empty but not before it played a little role in a mystery.

At the end of the day Dan was looking for the remote but could not find it. We looked everywhere but he finally went to bed without watching the weather. Then, when I got ready for bed, I couldn’t find a single toothbrush (mine or otherwise) or toothpaste!! I woke Dan up, he didn’t know. I asked Joseph, he had no clue! Finally Zach piped up and said, “I know”!

He then ran into the bedroom and opened the cabinet and declared that he was “just playing”. For some reason and without any of us noticing he decided to put the remote, our toothbrushes, and toothpaste inside the cabinet we cleaned out! What goes on in the mind of a three (about to be four) year old?!?!?

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