Visiting Friends

My friend Amanda came to visit this weekend with her son Jared and daughter Hannah. They stayed with us and since her husband Mark didn’t come, and Dan was out of town, we got to do whatever we wanted!!! Amanda graduated from Walhalla in 1992 but we did not know each other until our boys played baseball together and went to the same school in Anderson. Friday we stayed up really late (WAY past my 9PM bedtime) and then Saturday we braved the cold and went to Dollywood. It was a chilly 30 degrees but it was SO pretty. Every building and tree in Dollywood has lights and all of the shows are about Christmas. As a bonus, it snowed for about an hour Saturday morning and the kids had a blast! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for people to come and visit, especially if they stay with us! So, anytime anyone wants to visit just let me know….I will get the couch ready for Joseph and his room ready for you!!!

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  1. That looks like you guys had a great time…maybe C.J. and I will have to come and stay the weekend soon:)

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