OK, I am not very outspoken when it comes to politics, BUT I do feel like voicing my opinion on what I have been hearing lately about this election concerning race. I am not sure when exactly it became about race but to me IT ABSOLUTELY is not a matter of what color the candidate’s skin is. It has everything to do with whether or not I agree with his or her views. I believe that this country has made great strides and continually seeks equality for ALL people, and I don’t understand why we are even having this discussion. I read in the Wall Street Journal and have heard on several radio broadcasts that people are saying that if Obama looses there will be race wars and riots that rival the 60’s. I guess the real question is, WHO is making this election about race instead of a person’s individual political views? Many other elections have been lost because the majority did not agree with that person’s political views. I personally feel like all of this hype is a threat….does it make me prejudice or a racist if I don’t vote for Obama? Should I be afraid if I don’t vote for him? I am neither prejudiced nor racists and have many friends with a different skin color than my own. I think that it is very sad (and untrue)that if Obama looses it is because he is black!

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  1. You are so right about that and what is sad is that there will be MANY who will use the race card if he doesn’t win BUT that is okay because GOD is in control no matter who wins!

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