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This didn’t copy and paste exactly as I had hoped it would, but I really like this devotional message so I thought I would share it.

Designed By Who?

I can’t believe I did it: Cut Lascoste “alligators” off a pair of socks to sew on my son and daughter’s shirts.
My kids–like most middle-schoolers, then–were design-conscious. But we couldn’t afford the pricey shirts, so I took care of the problem. Or did I? Rhonda later told me, “I held my breath that no one would see the Sears tag on the back of my collar and know that my shirt was not the real thing.”

Ever Felt Like You Were an Off-Brand? Look at the label in your jacket. It may be a “George” from Wal*Mart or a “Ralph Lauren” from Nieman Marcus, but what difference does it make? It’s not the suit on the man/woman that counts but the man/woman in the suit.

Don’t let people hang a cheap label around your neck. if you’re a child of God you’re not a “loser;” you’re a “winner.” Long after the label on your clothes has faded, people will still see the “real you.”

Ever Felt Like You Came From a “Clearance Rack?” No matter how good a garment is, if it is stained or has a flaw in it…to the clearance rack or table it goes. These items are never neatly folded or hung straight on a rack. They’re usually half-on or half-off and are tossed and shoved around by customers who are hunting for the best of the worst.

Some people may treat you like that. They may say you’re worthless and no good, but don’t believe them. God says you are second to nobody. Oh, you may have a little stain on you here and there. You may even have a wrinkle or two in your character that needs to be ironed out. But when God gets through washing you in His blood and ironing you with the heat of His purging fire, you’ll be “brand-spanking new.”

Never mind that your clothes tag says, “over-size,” “mini-size,” or a perfect “standard-size.” Never mind that your nose is too big or your shoe soles too thin. Never mind if you eat at a steak house or at a burger shack. Hold your head high.

Stand tall and sport your designer tag. It says: Made by God.

You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. it’s true: “God don’t make no junk.”

To Look at Me You Would Never Know I Came From Dirt?”For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust (dirt)” (Psalm 103:14). Knee-Mail Prayer:Dear God, Remind me every day that I was wonderfully made…by you.

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