I just joined Facebook a couple of days ago and I love it! I had signed up on Myspace but couldn’t find hardly anyone that I knew. It seems that Facebook is the social site of choice ;o). Thanks, Tracy, for letting me know about it.

Today we are hanging around the house. Dan is out of town (which is the norm).The boys and I went to church where I survived helping in the 3 year old’s class and we haven’t done anything since we got home. Some days I think I really need to get a life, but this is life isn’t it?

I have to go now and break up a fight (at least the 5th of the day).

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  1. Don’t you just love FB. I am so glad that you joined. We had a great time on Sunday and ate Dinner at Tony Roma’s…yummy!!!!

    Iam going out of town Friday but will give you a buz when I get back. Have the kids started School yet? CJ starts Tueday..

    Love ya

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