New Pets

I was going to label this blog “New Additions to Our Family” but I changed my mind lest anyone think that I meant a baby!!!

Last weekend Joseph came home from my parent’s house with two little frogs which had to live in a plastic container until yesterday. Of course when we went to the pet store to get a box for them Zach had to have a fish. He started out wanting “Nemo” but Nemo cost $20 plus he has to live in a salt water tank which we do not have and I don’t even know how much that set up would cost much less how to even set it up and maintain it.

So we settled for a beta fish that cost $5 and a beta starter bowl kit for $10…still less than what Nemo himself cost. When we got home we asked Zach what he wanted to name the fish and he said “Reba” but Joseph talked him into naming him Van instead….yes, we watch too much Reba!!!

Now our family consists of Daddy, Mommy, Joseph, Zach, Patches the cat, two frogs who remain nameless and Van the beta fish! I must say that this fish seems to want to eat as much as Van does :o)

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