Still a Lesson to be Learned

OK, so today was my last day of work at the Comfort Inn and I still do not know when I am supposed to start at the Hampton Inn. I keep trying to have conversations with my boss but he keeps telling me to wait until tomorrow….I am way too stressed out and worried and I KNOW that the Bible tells us not to worry that God will take care of us, but it is SO hard not to. My world is completely upside down and I cannot stand not knowing what is going to happen….I am wondering if I accidently prayed for patience at some point because it seems that the Lord is wanting me to wait! I am so not good at waiting. And I am an emotional wreck and it’s not even PMS week!!!

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  1. Christie-
    please know that God is in control and you don’thave to worry about a thing. I know that it is hard not to but God will always take care of you and will always meet your needs. “Cast all your burdens on Him”!!!!!Reamember that and I will keep you in my prayers…..

    love you….Tracy

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