So much to blog, so little time…..

So much has been going on lately and I always think, “I need to blog about this” but then I get side tracked….anyway, we had a great Mommy’s Day. We spent it with my family. My Mommy graduated from Southern Weslyan University with her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. We are all very proud of her for accomplishing this goal. Hope all of my mommy friends had a GREAT Mother’s Day.

Joseph is still busy with baseball. He is turning out to be a pretty good pitcher and is really enjoying it. He also decided to get his hair cut after a couple of years of wearing it long. Before and after pictures to follow.

Zach is completely in the all boy stage of capturing every bug that he can find no matter what kind, size or shape! If we see something we don’t want to touch all we have to do is call Zach. He is ready in a moments notice to squash (or otherwise dispose of) any creature that finds itself in our path. The other day he was outside pulling up grass so that he could catch a bug that had escaped him.

Dan and I are both working ALL the time but we both enjoy what we do so it isn’t so bad. If anybody wants to come to the Smokies this summer give me a call or email!

Oh, and one more thing… favorite song right now is a new one by Point of Grace. It is called “How You Live”. This song speaks volumes to me and brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. If you have time check it out on line, just search Point of Grace or the title of the song. :o)

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