Doctor Visits

Well, after 10 (I’m not kidding) doctor’s visits, two anitbiotics, six shots (no joke…Zach was not a very happy three year old) and a cough medicine you would think that Zach would be rid of whatever has been making him cough (and anything else that might be lingering, too) but yesterday we had to go on ANOTHER DR’s visit, and got albuterol, the little mask that you use with that and another anitbiotic!!! Now I thought that since he had to get 6 shots because he wouldn’t take all of the first two anitbiotics he would never want another shot….little do I know. He took the inhaler and did very well, but as soon as I tried to give him the new anitbiotic he said, “this is bad, I want to get ONE shot” (he said this while holding up one finger). I tried everyway to convince him to take the medicine but he insisted that he wants to get the shot and even told me to call the doctor. Even putting it in food and drink does not fool him. I guess I should just call the doctor but we have another appointment next week…maybe I can convince him to take it between now and then. I know one day I am going to miss fighting with him over taking his medicine but for now it is very tiring.

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