There are alot of things that I want to blog so here goes…..

1- I now know first hand why it is good to have an “emergency fund”. Saturday when I was shopping in wal-mart (in Seneca) someone stole our luggage out of the tool box on the truck. This included everything that Zach owns, a few of Jospeh’s things and three of my faorite pairs of shoes! We had everything packed because we were leaving from my parents to go on vacation (spring break). Lesson learned….next time I will take ALL of our things out of the car at my mom’s no matter how inconvenient! I was very glad for our emergency fund, otherwise we would have had to cancel vacation and buy Zach clothes instead….I’m sure that the thieves were dissappointed to get a load of size 3t clothes!

2- We are on vacation in Washington DC and there is ALOT to do. The boys have had a great time visiting the museums and monuments. Today we may go for a ride on the metro….Zach has been asking to go on the train since we took him down to the metro station underneath out hotel.

3- I love $39 employee rates at Embassy Suites hotels! This is one reason I may never leave the hotel industry!

4- I have been wondering this week how we have advanced so far in this country but seem to be so far away from our Founding Fathers’ principles and beliefs. While we have had a lot of fun and seen alot of cool things, I am dissapponted that evolution is the foundation for the educational aspects of the Smithsonian Museums and zoo. I know that we need to be tolerant and politically correct but why is it not politically incorrect to disrespect Christianity, all it stands for and the people who believe in it? What happened to the beliefs that started this country? There have been people from all over the US and other countries here this week…I wonder do they have respect and awe for our great nation or have we just become a tourist attraction?

5- Thanks, Keyonna, for dinner! It was fun to get to hang out with you and Sandy for a little while….too bad we couldn’t drive around and get lost again!

6- I will confirm the known truth that men do not want to ask for directions….we have a Garmin GPS but it never failed that it would tell us to go one way and Dan would go the opposite or turn down the street before. I finally asked him why he even bothered to have me put the addresses in….I guess it’s a man thing!

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