Surprising Things

My children are so funny. I think that I know them pretty well but the last week I have been surprised at some of the things that they like. For instance, I came home one night and Zach was eating a mayo sandwich (????). I asked Dan what that was all about and he said that he was going to make Zach a grilled cheese but Zach wanted nothing to do with it and brought him the mayo (who would have thought???). For breakfast the other day Zach wanted a hotdog without a bun and mustard and mayo on his plate to dip it in. Does it make me a bad mom that I acutally let him eat that for breakfast???? As far as Joseph goes he only likes a few food items but I discovered that he likes alot of music that I wouldn’t have thought he would like. He likes 80’s (all types) and (I was very surprised) Elton John???? He even knows the words to a few Elton John songs…not sure where he learned them, though. And he likes James Taylor…he gets that from his dad.

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  1. Baby Chick – what a great writer you are! You can now post “the good, the bad and the truly ugly” HA! I love reading about the Jordan Family – this will be perfect for when I move or “leave the nest.” love and blessings, Mama Chick

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