Bad Weather Week

This time last week we were on our way to SC for Zachary’s birthday. We had an idea that the weather might turn nasty but we wanted everyone to celebrate with us so we came anyway. Well, the weather did get yucky but not before we had a super FUN party at Chick-fil-a! While the snow was falling we decided that it would be better for us to head back to TN in case it was alot worse Sunday. As it turned out, the roads were fine and the weather turned out not so bad. Hopefully we can come back soon and have more fun with our family and friends! Tuesday we got another dose of winter weather and it was not the fun snowy kind. We got up and got ready for work and school as usual, and we were about to head out the door when we got the automated call saying that school was cancelled. Since I had not turned on the TV I did not have a clue that everything in the county was iced over! So the boys got to stay home and I didn’t have to go to work until lunch time (very nice). Wednesday and Thursday there was also a two hour delay and we got to sleep a little later. Friday we were back on schedule and looking forward to Saturday

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