A Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday we all had dentist appointments to get our teeth cleaned and have a checkup. We had hoped that we could coax Zach into letting them have a look at his teeth (this was his first visit) but our efforts were in vain. We started at 10AM with appointments for two of us. Dan and Zach were supposed to go first. Dan got settled into his chair and the hygenist went to work while I wrestled with Zach and told him how fun it would be to let the other girl look at his teeth. Finally we decided to go ahead with my cleaning. Zach took much joy in watching her “tickle” my teeth with the different instruments. There were times she could not work because of his little head being almost in my mouth. She even let him try out the little tool that sucks the water out but that still did not convince him to let her work on him. We gave up that time and decided that when we came back at 2 (for our other 2 appointments) he might change his mind. Joseph came in and took his place but Zach still would not cooperate. One time we got him in the chair but that only lasted about 30 seconds. After Joseph was finished there was a slight war over his surprises. Of course Zach wanted all the things that Joseph received from the hygenist. After a tantrum on the floor we managed to get to the car. Thanks to everyone in Dr. Nave’s office for being so patient with us! Maybe at our next cleaning Zach will be ready.

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