What is up with the new generatoin???

Can someone please tell me why 20 somethings first of all want a job but don’t want to work? Why do they think that everyone owes them something just because they walk in and apply for a job? Also, why do they think that entry level positions should start at $30 to $40K a year? I am so frustrated with employees who think that they deserve the world but don’t want to prove why the deserve the world!!! When I first started working I had to prove myself to my employer BEFORE I was given a raise and certainly before I was promoted to any level. And, seniority meant something. I didn’t walk in off the street making more than people currenlty employeed by the company. I don’t understand today’s work ethic! Actually, there is not work ethic. People quit without notice and don’t care how that effects their employment history and change jobs at the drop of a hat. It took me alot of years (including the 2 I took off with Zach)and alot of hard work to earn my excellent salary and current management title! Whatever happened to paying your dues and working your way up throuh the ranks?!?!?! I sincerely hope that I can instill in my children the value of working hard and taking pride in the work you perform and not just jumping from job to job because the “grass looks greener on the other side”!

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