1st Day of Preschool

Zach went to preschool today. He was very excited. First we dropped Joseph off at his school where Zach had to tell him good bye and love you at least 3 times followed by a fish kiss (sucking your cheeks in and making your lips pucker) and a big big hug. I thought Joseph was not going to be able to get out of the car. Finally, we got to Zach’s school and he seemed to change his mind about going to school. I had to coax him out of the car by telling him, “let’s go in and see if they have a choo choo train”. Thus, choo choo trains are the cure all for us. When we got inside he grabbed my hand and held on. But once we got to his class he walked right in and forgot that I was there! Mostly because another little boy was playing with a Deigo helicopter like one Zach has at home. For a moment I felt sad as he started playing. I remember feeling that same way as Joseph marched into preschool without looking back. :o( I did manage not to cry…but the day isn’t over, yet!

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