Feels Like Home

A little over a year ago I walked into New Hope Church not knowing a soul and sometimes wondered what on earth I was doing there…I felt out of sorts and not sure about what to do….but that has all changed now…as I was helping out in the bookstore during the first night of our Christmas Celebration and Joseph was getting ready for his part in the production with the kids and I was talking to the other gals there I suddenly felt like I was home….like I belonged there and I was very comfortable walking around and talking to people….last year Joseph would not hear of performing with the kids and he volunteered without any coaxing at all this year…I am so excited that the Lord has brought this wonderful church and the few friends that I have made into my life….I always have thought that it was important to have alot of friends and that the number of friends you have defines who you are to a certain level….what I have learned through this whole experience of moving to a place where I did not know anyone is that it truly is better to have a few close friends than a whole lot of acquaintances. I am so blessed to be able to add some great gals to my true friend list!

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    It’s nice you found a good Church home!!!!

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