We had a great time at my mom’s house for Thanksgiving! We arrived Thursday just in time to go with my mom and dad to visit my step-siblings and their families…I ate entirely too much there….left there to go back to mom’s and eat with our (VERY BIG) family….it always amazes me how we can cram so many people into my mom’s dining room and living room! Again, I ate too much! But what fun we had…..we always get together and sing….hymns, Christmas carols, old (and new) country….my aunts and my mom are great singers and I love to hear all the harmonies….plus my dad actually felt up to sitting with us and playing the guitar for our chorus production. He is a fantastic musician! I am glad he was feeling well enough….my children had a blast making cookies with Mimi…a Thanksgiving tradition that has gone on for years….all of the grandchildren gather in the dinning room with tons of cookie cutters, sugar cookie dough and lots of sprinkles to make their very own cookies…..they all had a blast and didn’t even complain when I made them help clean up! We hated to leave and can’t wait for Christmas!


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  2. Sorry, I do not understand your comment except for the english part.

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