Today was our first day in Indianapolis. I had a few meetings but they did not take up much time. We are staying at the Embassy Suites (love those $39 employee rates..can’t beat it! even though my work is paying for this trip), fortunately it is right across the street from where I need to be. Dan took the boys to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today while I was gone…they had a blast at the Hall of Fame Museum. Our hotel is in downtown and connects to a huge mall. We went there today and “shopped ’til we dropped”…I may go back tomorrow:o)! While we were at the mall I noticed that across the street was a Steak and Shake which is one of my FAVORITE places to eat (love the Frisco melts)so we braved the cross walks and got take out for dinner. Zach had a melt down when we arrived back at the hotel. Everyone got to hear how well his lungs work and see him roll around on the floor….nothing like a 2 year old temper tantrum in the atrium of an upscale hotel! So, now after his second spanking of the day, we are going to bed before what little bit of sanity I have left is gone! Wonder what adventure we can find tomorrow!?!?!

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